Jetti Petroleum is engaged in the importation, blending, distribution, and retailing of petroleum products.

Marine Transport

Jetti Petroleum imports oil from other countries and blends the petroleum products to meet international and local standards. The final products are delivered across the nation via to five key bulk terminals and depots for storage.

The marine transport company handling the delivery helps ensure the integrity of crude oil and finished petroleum products from the moment the oil reaches the Philippine shores to the time the finished products arrive at the depots and bulk terminals.

Land Transport

From 5 strategically-located bulk terminals and depots, Jetti fuels are delivered via tank trucks to over 100 gasoline stations nationwide. The tank trucks are equipped with top-of-the-line technology to maintain the quality of all finished products. The trucks undergo regular quality, safety, and security inspections.

Truck drivers undergo extensive training to ensure all products are handled with care and to ensure that all standardized safety and security protocols are followed.