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TRENDING NOW: Food Park in Jetti Malhacan!

Just outside Metro Manila, there is an obscure food spot that offers good food for a small amount of money — Wil’s Stop Food Park. Commonly known to others as Jetti Malhacan Food Park as it is conveniently located beside Jetti Malhacan gas station, Wil’s Stop Food Park is rapidly gaining reputation as the go-to place for people who love to indulge on food.

Even though it opened only last September 10, 2016, the food park now has nine stalls and will soon add more to cater to the needs of customers. Below are the stalls you can visit at Jetti Malhacan Food Park.



Wil’s Stop Food Park definitely has a lot to offer to all meat lovers passing by the area, but Bobok’s Ribs is certainly one of the captivating meat hubs in the park. With wooden tables, chairs, and framed inspirational portraits, Bobok’s Ribs immediately gives a rustic vibe. Diners will be undoubtedly be drawn to the sweet, smoky aroma of grilled meat.

img_3109Since it opened on September 10, 2016, Bobok’s Ribs is gaining quite a following. Chef Shonna Lynne Lauchengco Catindig named the rib shack after her late father Noli Catindig who was nicknamed Bobok because of his love of adobo. While Bobok’s Ribs does not serve adobo, it does serve one of the tastiest barbecued baby back ribs in Bulacan. For less than a PhP 100, you can get a huge serving of baby back ribs with Chef Shonna’s signature barbecue sauce. Pair it with their root beer float and you are set for a memorable gastronomic experience.



Hungrymouth Kitchen + Ice Cream Bar



The brainchild of Chef Queenie Gamor and her siblings, Hungrymouth is probably the most authentic and innovative food booth at Jetti Malhacan Food Park. For one, all food offered in Hungrymouth are presented in a colorful and innovative way. In fact, all the citrus juices sold by Hungrymouth are served in trendy plastic bags instead of in traditional glasses.



Hungrymouth’s milkshakes are also an instant hit to all customers, especially “Fifty First Date,” their rendition of vanilla milkshake with vanilla ice cream and salted popcorn. When eating at this food booth, we recommend that you try their best sellers Beef Quesadilla (80 pesos) and Fries Before Guys (80 pesos). According to Chef Gamor, these specialties are always the first to run out of stock as they are really sought out by avid customers.




Singko Maria’s Grill


Singko Maria’s Grill got its name because it was founded by five marias — DK, Rizza, Emmylou, Maja, and Love. These five lovely ladies, who are all food enthusiasts, have been friends since high school and decided to earn some bucks out of their hobby—cooking good tasting food.

img_3112Singko Maria’s Grill is the place to go if you want to experience Filipino food without digging a hole out of your savings account. Your 100 pesos will go a long way in this establishment. In fact, their best seller, Special Lomi, costs only 90 pesos and is good for three people. Talk about real value for money.

What we enjoyed the most in Singko Maria’s wide array of food selection is their Liempo in Red Sauce. For just 60 pesos, you will be served a tender slice of liempo glazed with Singko Maria’s special spicy sauce. Other notable food selections are Overload Fries and Nachos (120 pesos) and Sizzling Sisig (120 pesos).


Kainan sa Dahon


When it comes to food, many Filipinos have developed a rather blended palate stemming from years of exposure to the American, Spanish, and Chinese culture. However, there are some Filipinos out there, like Lowielyn Gonzales of Kainan sa Dahon who continue to embrace the authentic Filipino cuisine.

img_3115Food at Kainan sa Dahon can be summed up to just one word – homey. Think of all the Filipino dishes your mother used to make and remember how good they were — that is exactly what you can expect at Kainan sa Dahon. Along with Bulalo sa Palayok (150 pesos), Sinigang na Hipon (150 pesos) is considered one of the bestsellers at Kainan sa Dahon. Kainan sa Dahon also serves tasty binalot or food wrapped in banana leaves, with options ranging from fried chicken or tilapia, adobo, grilled pork, and beef steak. All binalot specials are served with salted eggs and tomatoes. With generous servings and affordable prices, Kainan sa Dahon offers an authentic Filipino dining experience that does not burn a hole in your wallet.


RACC Fashion Hub


Of all the stalls in Jetti Mahalcan Food Park, RACC Fashion Hub is the one stall that will surely capture your attention as it is the only one that does not offer food but instead offer creative goods and items. RACC Fashion Hub is a black and white concept store that is a collaboration of various online shops. The store offers authentic items, including clothes, toys, wallets, and even cosmetics. The fashion hub even offers uniquely designed wallets and coin purses that will surely capture the attention of fashionistas out there.


Pap’z Sizzling Station


It all started at the house of Robles-Romiral family. Pap’z Sizzling Station, a tale of simple home-cooked meals becoming a household name in Bulacan. In 2010, Pap’z Sizzling Station opened as one of the first food stalls at Wil’s Stop. Over the years, their sizzling meals, including the bestselling sizzling t-bone and ribs, have earned quite a reputation as being one the best in Bulacan. Their popularity translated to more satisfied diners clamoring for their yummy dishes, and with great demand comes more branches. The family recently opened another branch in Marilao.

Aside from their popular sizzling servings, Pap’z Sizzling Station also serves grilled liempo, frappes, ensalada, nachos, cheesy macaroni, and fries.


Binalot King

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Binalot King is another food hub in Jetti Malhacan Food Park that offers Pinoy food specialties with a modern twist. Run by former model Mr. Yel Abracero and his family, Binalot King is also one of the stalls being flocked in the food park. Given that the name of the stall is “Binalot King,” you may think that all of their food are wrapped in banana leaf. However, according to Mr. Abracero, their food stall is called “Binalot King” not because they use banana leaves but because they wrap all their food with love and good taste.

Binalot King’s specialties include sizzling hipon (119 pesos), breaded porksilog (69 pesos), and adobong leeg (79 pesos).




Drawn together for their passion for food, long-time friends Rowelle Nuque, Meg Marcos, and Gio Millet decided to make their own food creations instead of just eating them through their first food venture together – IceBurg. IceBurg serves burgers fit for newbies, amateurs, and pro burger-eaters.

Aside from their famous burgers, IceBurg also serves frappes and milkshakes topped with cotton candy, among others.


Mang Titus


Mang Titus was one of the first food stalls to open at Wil’s Stop Food Park. They also happen to be the first ones to open on a daily basis. Most stalls prep for service in the afternoon, but Mang Titus is ready to serve around lunch time. At Mang Titus, you can customize your boodle fight set to include your favorite dishes in the menu.

With soup full of flavor and beef so tender, Bulalo Laman naturally assumed the role of being one of the bestsellers at Mang Titus. Another big hit at Mang Titus is their pork sisig, which is always served on a small kawali placed on top of a little clay stove.


If you want to go to a place that serves cheap but great tasting food, then Jetti Malhacan Food Park is just the right place for you. See you there!