Touching lives, one community at a time

Jetti Foundation International Inc. is committed to making social investments in its host communities. Our initial approach is to visit our partner communities, assess their current situations, and coordinate with the community leader or the barangay captain.

We shall then identify core groups from each of the partner communities, get to know them, and build relationships with the leaders. Once the partnership has been established, we shall then plan for strategies and activities for the betterment and overall improvement of the communities with the collaboration and help of the core groups.

Children: Make a Child Smile
Children: Make a Child Smile-banner

One of the main focuses of Jetti Foundation is to help the underprivileged children of its partner communities. Since its inception, the foundation has successfully conducted projects that promote children’s education, health, and social change.

Youth: Train Responsible Future Leaders
Youth: Train Responsible Future Leaders-banner

Jetti Foundation believes in educating our youth as they are the leaders of tomorrow. We conduct various leadership training workshops for the youth to hone their leadership skills and to enable them to achieve their full potential.

Elderly: Care for the Elderly
Elderly: Care for the Elderly-banner

Jetti Foundation has long been an advocate of healthy aging in local communities. Our Care for the Elderly program includes giving out social and medical assistance to the elderly in our partner communities.

Livelihood: Kabuhayan para sa Kinabukasan
Livelihood: Kabuhayan para sa Kinabukasan-banner

Improving people’s lives is at the core of JFII’s mission. Through the Kabuhayan Para sa Kinabukasan, JFII creates opportunities that would help individuals in impoverished communities and institutions make a sustainable living.

Environment: Clean World Mission
Environment: Clean World Mission-banner

Having a clean environment is a basic human right. Jetti Foundation shares the responsibility of protecting this right through its Clean World Mission. Our activities include tree planting, coastal clean-up, and environmental awareness campaigns.